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Girlfriends retreat Costa Rica

This is Your Moment in Paradise.

Join us on this Exclusive 7-Day Retreat in Costa Rica.


February 24 - March 2, 2018

This is Your Moment

Girlfriends Retreat

A truly transformative experience.
Women empowering women to create and capture their “Moments”.  Where dreams are rediscovered and restored, life passions are revived, and that inner drive and determination renewed.  It’s time to reclaim the woman in you!


About The Retreat

The first three (3) days of the Girlfriends Retreat, “This is Your Moment!” takes place at The Retreat Costa Rica Resort & Spa, located in the beautiful breath-taking mountains of Costa Rica, where you can truly unwind and reset yourself, as you “ascend” into the breath-taking mountains of Alajuela, literally “heaven on earth.”  It is here where your introspective journey begins, exploring the essential qualities of your deepest self, leaving behind unfulfilled routines, situations, and even people from your civilized life, that may even be draining you.

Through the ecstasies of the soul-crafted mindfulness practices we offer, yoga, meditation, NIA, massage, a personal session with Jena, Certified Life Coach, and Tanya, Intuitive Therapist, and daily empowerment workshops, you will know how to put yourself first, release stress, and navigate your life to manifest your deepest desires with ease as you become further awakened to what you were born to do, the unique gift you were meant to bring to the world, and how to truly live your life the way you envision it.

Your last three (3) days, you will embark on a descend, into nature, at the Le Cameleon, a boutique hotel in Puerto Viejo – known as the heart of Costa Rica, where the ocean meets the rainforest.  Become recharged, as your soulful journey dives deeper into your authentic self.  Reconnect to your dreams & your new-sense of purpose, and leave this retreat feeling reborn, into a life that is now full of peace, passion and enchantment.

See you in Costa Rica… This is Your Moment Retreat February 2018!


Costa Rica
Come join us for 7 days and 6 nights in the beautiful country of Costa Rica, with breath-taking mountains surrounded by the rainforest, spectacular Caribbean beaches, waterfalls, and majestic views of the volcano. With luscious green surroundings, you will be challenged to unleash the champion in you!
  • Journey through the natural beauty of the country on a nature walk

  • Experience serenity of peace

  • Lay on the beach let the water dance around you

  • Pamper your body with a massage and elevate your vibrations with the power of YOGA and NIA

To be challenged. To push pass your self-sabotaging beliefs, fears and self-doubt.
To experience spiritual healing as you re-center your mind and focus on finding your inner peace.
You will experience the beauty of the country while still participating in workshops, group and individualized coaching sessions, daily guided meditation and exercise.  To leave the retreat with a sense of renewal, invigorated and ready to follow your path. Empowered by new possibilities and new insights. Connecting and fellowshipping with other women from across the country sharing similar experiences.  Learning and growing. Fun, excitement, great local food, and pampered.



This intimate retreat experience includes

  • 7 days & 6 nights accommodations at the five-star Retreat Costa Rica in Alejuela and the Le Cameleon Hotel in Puerto Viejo
  • Swim and lounge at majestic beaches
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily
  • Airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Private air transportation in-country from Limon to SJO
  • Nature Walk and Waterfall tour



  • 60 Minute Healing Massage and Scrub Per Person
  • Morning guided meditations
  • Yoga and NIA fitness
  • Daily workshops and one-on-one session w/ life coach
  • Reclaim your inner peace with greater clarity of purpose
  • Reset your focus on your new beginning

Retreat Details

Retreat Costs

  • Double Occupancy $2850/per person
  • Single Occupancy $2997/per person
  • Deposit $300/per person

Terms and Conditions

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